ABOUT: We Understand What It Takes


When it comes to starting and running companies, we've seen the obstacles. As former CEOs, we've also overcome them. EMS Partners brings expertise from years in the field, where the unexpected has to be anticipated and dealt with at every turn.


We have a breadth of experience in both the public and private sector, with companies ranging from start-ups to Global 50 companies and government agencies. This provides you with a unique network of resources.


EMS Partners provides focus, strategy and tactical guidance for the implementation of business goals. From launch through growth, EMS Partners is with you to ensure decisions are tied back to a comprehensive understanding of your ROI.

We Can Help You

  • Develop New Business Strategies and Programs
  • Create Manufacturing Strategies
  • Optimize Existing Electronic Manufacturing Services
  • Strategize Fundraising
  • Connect With and Advise On An Effective Team
  • Cultivate Partnerships and Alliances