EMS Partners First Blog

Joyce Reitman
Thursday, October 23, 2008

Welcome to the EMS Partners blog. This part of our website covers an aspect of the startup process that is often ignored. We all get a lot of advice on the practical stuff; setting up business plans, networking, technology, resources, funding. What I don’t see discussed much is the question of how to maintain your energy and passion throughout the course of your venture.

We entrepreneurs are a unique bunch. We think if we just work hard enough, we can make something happen. This is a shared trait with all kinds of other people (athletes come to mind), but often we are either too hard on ourselves, or too myopic in recognizing when we should change directions.

The basic premise here is to keep on going; keep on trying. The trick is to know when the path you are on needs to be changed; when to let go, when to adjust & change what you are doing.

The hardest part about starting a company and keeping it moving forward, is maintaining your enthusiasm and passion, and picking yourself up after you get knocked down. One of my mantras to entrepreneurs is not to listen to all the people who say you can’t do something. It is hard enough to launch a venture, without all the naysayers. These naysayers come in all shapes in sizes. They can be your friends (!), business associates and family members. A sure source of negative thinkers are the investors, bankers, accountants, lawyers you seek for counseling. Heed their professional advice, but don’t let their negative input dissuade you from your goals. The only people I would fully listen to for advice and feedback are your potential and real customers.

You will see in this and future blogs, opinions (mine and hopefully others) that speak to launching a venture. I think you will find the same discussion applies not just to high technology ventures but anywhere that inspiration, hope and a friendly voice can aid in your endeavors.