CASE STUDY: Energy Innovations

EMS Provider Partnership


A start-up solar energy company, Energy Innovations sought a production agreement that would allow them to cut production costs on their groundbreaking energy products. Their industry-leading solar panels retain more energy from the sun than competing products, while requiring less capital to install by utilizing a self-sustaining platform, cutting-edge panel technologies, and sun-tracking systems. They believed, however, that they could not develop working relationships with the necessary Tier-One EMS providers because they had yet to establish themselves in the market.


After joining their team, we used our network of resources to introduce them to two of the World's foremost EMS providers as well as several other highly capable EMS providers. We then helped Energy Innovations determine the appropriate partner and develop the parameters for the relationship. This included determining ways to avoid costly manufacturing start-up expenses, overcoming product design issues, and setting up a system to control the unit costs of the product.

Our collaborative effort with Energy Innovations minimized their time-to-market, established easy and immediate access to highly experienced engineering resources as well as a system for controlling manufacturing costs throughout the lifecycle of their working relationship. Their continued partnership with leading EMS firms also resulted in the ability to tap into the EMS provider’s purchasing system, enabling a lower product cost.

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