Supply Chain Organization


Medical device start-up company SurgRx needed to reduce costs and increase production of a newly FDA approved Laparoscopic surgery device. Current local production facilities were unable to provide the necessary volume in a cost-effective manner and an offshore EMS provider capable of meeting extensive FDA and SurgRx facility requirements was necessary.


After joining the SurgRx team as consultants, we identified 26 public and private EMS providers worldwide who could get SurgRx into volume production. These providers possessed the capabilities to increase product quality and reliability at 60% reduced cost within 90 days. We presented these results to SurgRx management, and then reduced the scope of the search to several optimal locations. Formal requests for information were sent out and the top five candidates were selected to meet SurgRx management and present their companies. We worked with SurgRx to align themselves with two offshore EMS providers which met the requirements and provided additional engineering support.

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