Business and Product Development


After 18 months of prototype testing, the concept security device company UR2G was ready to move into mass production and sales of their product. We provided them with our proposal, which would enable them to bring their product to market successfully within a short period. As a concept company, UR2G was in need of extensive business development prior to bringing its device to market. Primary issues included locating funding, developing a business plan and revenue model, and management of the implementation of the business operations.


We worked closely with management to determine what would be necessary to maximize the company's viability in the market. We then helped guide them through the process of formulating a business plan, field-testing the product, and producing a successful go-to-market strategy. As the product and company neared market readiness, we helped them through the process of selecting an EMS provider and assisted in developing a funding strategy for the project. Throughout the process we maintained a close relationship with management in order to keep all initiatives on track.