CASE STUDY: PolyRemedy

EMS Provider Evaluation


PolyRemedy, Inc. designed a prototype medical system to treat serious and chronic wounds. The system produces bandages specifically designed to induce an injury's recovery stage within minutes after being applied directly at the point of care. After development of the science, the company's next critical launch component was to verify the feasibility of the manufacturing cost and process. The company hit an obstacle during their search for an EMS provider that could handle the transition from local prototype manufacturing to low-cost offshore mass production. Finding the appropriate EMS provider was an essential component of their search for venture capital. The intricate nature of the PolyRemedy, Inc. medical system dictated that we needed to find a Tier-One EMS provider capable of catering to a sophisticated device in a cost-effective manner.


After assessing their product and company situation, we were able to identify several multi-billion dollar EMS providers that met PolyRemedy, Inc.'s needs. We then represented them to the senior management teams of each provider and briefed them on the particular challenges which would need to be addressed during the project, including their pre-funding status and the transition in production level.

We then worked with PolyRemedy, Inc. in selecting a provider by arranging facility tours, company presentations, and discussing the merits of each candidate based on their abilities and the formal quotes they had presented. We were then able to initiate a contract with the most appropriate manufacturer and use this alliance as an asset in the fundraising process.

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